Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bauhaus workshop

As part of the Erasmus Teaching Mobility exchange, Tracey Warr, Outlandia associate curator, delivered a workshop with Bauhaus Fine Art undergraduates in Weimar. Referencing Outlandia as a point of departure, the workshop-group discussed the significance, form etc of the treehouse as a place to inhabit and work. The group produced detailed drawings, models, prototypes, texts and performaces; a small selection of which are included in this post. Participating students included Anna Heyde, Julia Albrecht, Julia Weiss, Ada Katharina Poehland, Natalia Piedra, Nina Obletter, Andrea Schieferdecker, Phillipp Valenta,  Juliane Kruger, Sebastian Hertrich, Tabea Lenk, Torsten Thiele.

 photo: Anna Heyde
  photo: Torsten Thiele
  photo: Julia Weiss & Ada Katharina Poehland
photo: Nina Obletter & Andrea Schieferdecker