Sunday, 23 June 2013

Alison Lloyd AIR 2013


[...] I wandered for a day as an OUTLANDIAN out and out into the area around the Water of Nevis, East of Steall ruins, with An Gearanach (982 m) and Binnein Beag (943 m) and Binnein Mor (1130 m) to the south and Aonach Beag (1234 m) to the north.  I realised while walking around here that my approach to walking; wandering along the contours on a map, sometimes taking bearings to ‘kinks’ in the contour lines, and then wandering off course and off the paths was one of my preferred ways of making my way and navigating through an area.  On days when there is no need to get anywhere in particular.  In June with long periods of day light this is easy to do.  Just pick an area, as I did here between Water of Nevis, Allt Coire nan Laogh, and Tom and Abhainn Rath and go for a day. 

I walked between most of the streams in an area of about five square kilometers.  Sitting, crouching and cowering in the landscape, down close to the water, hidden from view. 

Terrified in the landscape.

I have decided that I am walking to get off the path? Being off the path not on the path can represent a change in emotion.  I realised in looking again at Ana Mendieta photographs [Silueta Series" (1973–1980)] that a series of images representing movement or a change in consciousness could be a way of describing awkwardness, fear and anxiety.

All photos courtesy of Alison Lloyd

"We do not much need to understand the form and nature of our emotional relationship with wilderness, as to recognise that the nature of wilderness is itself formed from our emotional being."      
David Reason, Reflections of Wilderness and Pike Lane Pond [...]

Alison Lloyd