Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thomas Hylander AIR 2015

Outlandia 1/4/15 (photo Thomas Hylander)

This week I am walking, drawing and writing in the woodland interior. Finding clues in the various things people have left behind on the slopes as visual pointers for small pieces of fiction. Using the detectives’ point of view and the air of suspense from crime fiction mixed with landscape reverie and mysticism to make the bones of an illustrated journey. After each trek I bring them back for editing to the pensively swaying HQ that is Outlandia.

Moss 1/4/15 (photo Thomas Hylander)
“Walking in the dense shadows amongst the bodies of fallen trees blanketed in fluorescent moss, he took a turn, cutting through the fanned symmetry of branches. A rest on the soft knolls, watching the furry green balloons rising straight out of the ground…” (Writing in progress, Thomas Hylander 31/3/15)
Spruce(coins) bark shapes in Outlandia 1/4/15 (photo Thomas Hylander)

Breath on window in Outlandia 31/3/15 (photo Thomas Hylander)

Cap hanging from branch 1/4/15 (photo Thomas Hylander)

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