Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Holly Muir AIR 2016

"My week in Outlandia was more challenging than I expected, but as rewarding as I had hoped. I spent each day there reading, writing and sketching to develop ideas for my installation, the construction of which will begin this month. I began by gathering knowledge about the social history and iconic visuals of Glen Nevis, researching various ideas about wilderness and what it means for cultural identity. I soon felt overwhelmed by the situation I had put myself in. How could I succinctly capture the essence of this beautiful and complex location, a place that I had naively expected to have little human history? My answer was to frame the work around my personal experience and imaginings of the area. I have decided that my installation is going to take the form of a wooden diorama, similar to something you might find in a Natural History Museum. The subject of the scene is the idea of rewilding; the diorama proposes a historical event in which the Glen has been rewilded with Scottish Picts. It will consist of a wooden frieze - depicting a landscape sourced from my photographs and film footage taken during the residency - which provides a backdrop for two figurative sculptures that are dressed in hand-made costumes. It will be a playful work, but should provoke thoughts about real issues within the Scottish landscape. I found Outlandia an incredibly peaceful and inspiring environment and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work there."

Holly Muir is an artist who uses historical and fictional narratives as a basis for timber installations, which also often include textiles, figurative painting and printing. She is interested in romantic tropes, mass-media imagery and notions of authenticity. Holly also designs stage sets.

All images courtesy the artist